By Dave Barton / performed by Sarah Kirton, Dave Barton, and Anne Kanerva

Dave Barton of San Jose, CA, won first place in the 9th Annual Nebraska American String Teachers Fiddle Tune Composition contest for his tune “Too Late Schottische.” It was transcribed in the Fall 2011 issue of Fiddler Magazine. Here it is performed by SF Bay Area fiddler Sarah Kirton and cittra player Anne Kanerva, as well as by Dave Barton and Anne Kanerva. Sarah and Anne have also recorded three Swedish “slängpolskas.” Enjoy!

“Too Late Schottische” by Dave Barton (played by Sarah Kirton & Anne Kanerva):

“Too Late Schottische” by Dave Barton (played by Dave Barton & Anne Kanerva):

The next three tunes are slängpolskas (a version of polska found in southern Sweden), played by Sarah Kirton and Anne Kanerva:

Polska efter Ola Andersson (#307), found in Svenska Låtar, Skåne (Sweden). We play it a little differently than it’s found there. Sarah learned it in the early ’80’s from Ingvar Andersson, but the way she plays it may have changed a bit from his teaching.

Polska #307:

Polska efter Petter Dufva (#306), found in Svenska Låtar, Östergötland (Sweden). It’s known under a variety of names and places. Sarah learned in at Mendocino Scandia Camp in 2000 from Jeanett Walerholt.

Polska #306:

Polska efter Abraham Hagholm (#207), found in Svenska Låtar, Östergötland (Sweden).

Polska #207: