Articles from sold-out issues

This page is just beginning; we will be adding many of the popular articles and columns from sold-out issues as time allows. The older ones are scanned from the originals, so may not be super sharp, but clear enough to read! Please check back to see the new additions! Articles will download as pdf files.

Byron Berline: Gracing the Strings, by Paul Jacobs (Spring 1998)

Roy Crawford: Keeping Traditions Alive and Well in Alabama, by L. Scott Miller (Spring 2009)

The Fiddling of Bob Wills, by Stacy Phillips (Spring 2018)

Henry Ford: A Penchant for Fiddling, by Matt Merta (Spring 2018)

Alan Jabbour: Fiddler, Scholar, and Preserver of Tradition, by Steve Goldfield (Summer 2006)

Alan Jabbour on Henry Reed and the Grand Old Virginia Repertory, by Gus Garelick (Spring 2013)

Michael Doucet: Hot Cajun Fiddle, by Niles Hokkanen (Fall 1994)

A Short History of Cajun Fiddling, by Michael Doucet (Fall 1994)

“Couldn’t Have a Wedding Without the Fiddler”: Old-Time Fiddling on Prince Edward Island, by Ken Perlman (Spring 1995)

Buddy MacMaster: Cape Breton’s Living Legend, by Peter W. Marten (Cape Breton 2000 special issue). Also includes “Remembering Buddy MacMaster” from Winter 2014/15 issue.

The Music of the Cumberland Trail: An Interview with Bob Fulcher, by Steve Goldfield (Winter 2003/03)

Claude Williams: Kansas City Swing, by Mary Larsen (Winter 1994/95)

Johnny Gimble – In Full Swing! by Jack Tuttle (Summmer 1995)

The History of Western Swing Fiddling, by Stacy Phillips (Sumer 1995)

Don Pedro Dimas: Rescuing Purépecha Music and Dance in Michoacán, by Zaidee Stavely (Spring 2005)

Pete Sutherland: The Last House on the Street, by Brendan Taaffe (Summer 2002)

Robert Burns and Scots Fiddling, by David Johnson (Fall 2005)

Gypsy Jazz series by Jason Anick:
Part 1: Summer ’09 issue
Part 2: Fall ’09 issue
Part 3: Spring ’11 issue

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh: Music at a Local Level, by Brendan Taaffe (Spring 2005)

Svend Asmussen: Phenomenal Jazz Fiddler, by Richard Brooks (Spring 2005)

The Swinging Style of Svend Asmussen (On Improvisation), by Paul Anastasio (Spring 2005)

A Lesson in Traditional Irish Fiddle Bowing with Caoimhin O Raghallaigh, by Joe Carr (Spring 2006)

Fletcher Bright: Playing, Teaching, Giving Back, by Jim Wood (Fall 2007)

A Highland Gentleman: The Roshven Fiddler Farquhar MacRae, by Shona McMillan (Spring 2008)

West Highlands Fiddler Aonghas Grant, by Peter Anick (Winter 2011/12)

Happy Valley Fiddle Maker Bob Kogut and the Quest for the Perfect Fiddle, by Bob Buckingham (Fall 2009)

John Hartford: A Fun and Open Discussion, part 1, by Peter Anick (Spring 1997)
John Hartford: A Fun and Open Discussion, part 2, by Peter Anick (Spring 1997)

On the Study of Fiddle Tunes, by John Hartford (Summer 1999)

Native and Métis Fiddling: Portrait of a People, by Anne Lederman (Winter 2001/02)

George Wilson: Northern Fiddler, by Susan Conger (Fall 1998)

John Durocher: A Gifted Composer, by Ron Ritchie (Summer 2005)

Charles Horner: Fiddle Maker of the Cumberland Plateau, by Bob Buckingham (Winter 2011/12)

Kenny Baker: A Week with a Bluegrass Legend, by Robert Michel (Winter 1994/95)

Chubby Wise: Fiddling with Feeling, by Steve Kirtley (Summer 1994)

Violin Maker Otis Tomas: Exploring the Link between the Trees and the Tunes, by David Papazian (Cape Breton Edition 2000)

Laura Sobrino: Queen of the Mariachi Violin, by Michael Simmons (Fall 1998)

Mark O’Connor, Camps to Concertos: Doing It All, by Jack Tuttle (Spring 1996)

Alasdair Fraser: Playing, Promoting, and Exploring the Music of Scotland and Beyond, by Mary Larsen (Spring 1996)

Violin Maker David Gussett, by Ellen Hansen (Spring 2006)

The Cowboy Fiddle of Bus Boyk, by Hollis Taylor (Fall 2003)