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Allegrezza String Quartet (Plays for weddings and functions throughout the south West of England.)

Darol Anger (Featured in the Spring 1999 and upcoming Spring 2011 issue)

Eimear Arkins (Irish fiddle player/singer originally from County Clare, currently living in St. Louis, MO. Her debut album, What’s Next, is a collection of traditional Irish fiddle tunes and Irish ballads and sean nós songs.)

Qristina & Quinn Bachand (Celtic Fiddle & Guitar Duo from British Columbia, Canada)

Randal Bays (Irish fiddler; featured in the Winter 98/99 issue)

Phil Berthoud (Irish fiddler and author of instructional books)

bohola (Irish traditional band featuring Sean Cleland on fiddle & viola

Harry Bolick (“That Banjo From Hell” CD featuring banjo & fiddle)

Gillian Boucher (Fiddler, dancer, and instructor, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She also offers an online “Learn Celtic Fiddle” program.)

Paul Bradley (Irish fiddler)

Scott Campbell (Vermont fiddler)

Wayne Cantwell (Oklahoma fiddler)

Cape Cod Fiddlers (Group meets weekly to play Irish, Scottish, Shetland, Scandinavian, Cape Breton, French Canadian, and American fiddle tunes; also performs.)

Carolina Special (Traditional bluegrass music band)

Daniel Carwile (Contest-style, Celtic, and bluegrass fiddler; co-owner of Carwile String Studio)

Pete Clark (Scottish fiddler, interviewed in the Summer 1999 issue of Fiddler Magazine)

Vassar Clements (Featured in the Winter 96/97 issue)

Jeremy Cohen (Jazz fiddler featured in the Winter 00/01 issue)

Danny Ray Cole

Nancy Conescu

Chrissy Crowley (Cape Breton fiddler)

Tom Cunningham (Louisville, Kentucky fiddler of various styles — swing, bluegrass, old time, blues… Performer of one-man show called “Fiddle Tales”)

Chris Daring (Instructor and performer, Colorado — online lessons available; 1996 National Adult Fiddle Champion; site also includes articles on Texas-style fiddle, contests, and more)

Sue Draheim (Performer and teacher based in Oakland, California. Styles include old time, Irish, Scottish, classical…)

Wayne Erbsen (Old time and bluegrass multi-instrumentalist, offers performances, workshops, recordings and instructional materials)

Fiddlers 3 (Celtic folk music; a Canadian family band)

FiddlePal (Brian Wicklund, bluegrass fiddler, teacher, author…)

Larry Franklin (Nashville session fiddler; session hall of famer; featured in the Fall 2002 issue)

Alasdair Fraser (Scottish fiddler; featured in the Spring 1996 issue. Also Culburnie Records’ site)

Catherine Fraser (Australian Celtic fiddler)

Frankie Gavin (Irish fiddler, featured in the Summer 2002 issue of Fiddler Magazine)

Johnny Gimble (Texas swing fiddler)

Greenblatt & Seay (Nebraska fiddler Deborah Greenblatt & David Seay; instructiona materials…)

Richard Greene (Featured in the Summer 1996 issue)

Deby Benton Grosjean (California Celtic fiddler and teacher)

Gordon Gunn (Scottish fiddler)

Shane Guse (Touring and session fiddler from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The 2010 Canadian Country Music Association fiddle player of the year.)

Martin Hayes (Irish fiddler; featured in Spring 1994 and Spring 2009 issues)

Ivonne Hernandez (Grand North American Fiddle Champion, from Victoria, B.C.)

Bobby Hicks

Ivan Hicks (New Brunswick fiddler, leader of “Sussex Avenue Fiddlers”)

Jerry Holland (Cape Breton fiddler & composer; featured in Summer 1996 & Winter 99/00 issues)

Amos Hopkins (Fiddler from Louisville, Kentucky. Specializes in Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Old Time. Available for session work and performances.)

Christian Howes (Jazz violinist; founder of the Creative Strings Academy and Creative Strings Workshop; featured in the Spring 2008 issue)

Jana Jay (“The First Lady of Country Fiddle)

James Kelly (Irish fiddler extraordinaire, featured in the Winter 97/98 issue)

Kierah (Celtic fiiddler from Vancouver, B.C.) 

Pete Kirby (“Tomorrow the Fox Will Come,” traditional English Music CD)

Gretchen Koehler (New England fiddler & educator based in Northern New York. Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame Inductee 2012)

Jamie Laval (Scottish fiddler from North Carolina; featured in the Spring 2005 issue)

Sandra Layman (Seattle area fiddler)

Anne Lederman (Performer, teacher, specialist on Métis fiddling)

Julie Lyonn Lieberman (Performer/instructor; instructional materials; featured in spring 1999 issue)

Julane Lund (Indiana. Norwegian & Norwegian-American old time fiddle & Hardanger)

Chad Manning

Catriona MacDonald (Shetland fiddler, featured in the Fall 1997 issue)

Natalie MacMaster (Cape Breton fiddler)

Frankie McWhorter (Texas cowboy/ranch dance fiddler; featured in the Summer 1998 issue)

Sarah Michel (New England fiddler and fiddle teacher)

Fiddling Dwight Moody

Neff Brothers – Flaithrí and Eoghan (Irish piper and fiddler)

Mark O’Connor (Featured in the Spring 1996 issue)

Gerry O’Connor (Irish fiddler and fiddle maker/repairer; featured in the Winter 06/07 issue)

Donal O’Connor (Irish fiddler)

Siân Phillips (5th generation Welsh fiddler)

Prairieland String Band (Oklahoma-based string band, together since 1984)

Quebe Sisters Band (Western swing and Texas old-time; featured in the Fall 2008 issue)

Linda Rankin (Australian Celtic fiddler)

Karen Reed (fiddler from Ontario, Canada)

Rocky Neck Bluegrass Band (Southern California Bluegrass band featuring Lydia Veilleux on fiddle)

Lissa Schneckenburger (Traditional New England fiddler and folk singer)

Pierre Schryer (Canadian fiddler extraordinaire; featured in the Summer 1997 issue)

Pat Simmonds (New Zealand fiddler now living/teaching in Canada)

Skillet Licorice (a San Francicso old-time band that performs nationally and internationally; their latest album, Allsorts Orchestra (Tiki Parlour Recordings), is “a conscious break from hard-driving, three-fingered, high octane Appalachian square dance music in favor of the waltzes, mazurkas, two-steps and indigenous music coming from East Texas, Arizona, Kentucky and beyond.”)

Buddy Spicher (Nashville bluegrass fiddler, “Master of Double Stops”)

Blaine Sprouse (Bluegrass fiddler formerly of Nashville, now residing in the SF Bay area of California)

Gordon Stobbe (Nova Scotia fiddler, composer, recording artist, teacher; author of Fiddler Magazine’s “Cross-Canada Fiddle Tour” column)

Standing Stones (SF Bay Area Irish Band)

Brenda Stubbert (Great Cape Breton fiddler & composer)

Cat Taylor (San Francisco fiddler)

Sarah Tradewell (Victoria, B.C. area Celtic and old time fiddler)

Two Fiddles (Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman of New Hampshire. Traditional New England fiddling and calling. Also cassettes, booklets of dances, book of tunes)

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason (Featured in the Winter 97/98 issue)

Calvin Vollrath (Métis fiddler from Alberta)

Lydia Veilleux (Bluegrass, Celtic and Country fiddler in Los Angeles)

April Verch (Ontario fiddler, step dancer)

Julianna Waller (Nashville performer & teacher, featured in the Winter 01/02 issue)

The Western Swing Authority

Brian Wicklund (Fiddler and teacher, author of the American Fiddle Method, Mel Bay Pubs.)