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Students from the Lindbergh School District Sperreng/Truman Middle School Orchestras (St. Louis, MO), with Fiddler Magazine stickers.

“What a wealth of interesting information and superb tunes!”

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CD/Book set: Fiddlers 20

Featuring 20 master fiddlers featured in our first 20 years. Fantastic listening! $15.00

Fiddling Possum T-shirt

The Possum Ts are back! Very soft, with beautiful crisp printing of the fiddling possum.

Choose your size and colour. $22.50 – $25

Back Issues

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Fall ’95 ($4.00)
Summer ’97 ($5.00)
Winter ’97/’98 ($5.00)
Spring ’99 ($6.00)
Summer ’99 ($6.00)
Fall ’99 ($6.00)
Spring ’03 ($6.00)
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Winter ’08/’09 ($7.00)
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Fall ’12 ($7.00)
Winter ’12/’13 ($7.00)
Spring ’13 ($7.00)
Summer ’13 ($7.00)
Fall ’13 ($7.00)
Winter ’13/’14 ($7.00)
Spring ’14 ($7.00)
Summer ’14 ($7.00)
Fall ’14 ($7.00)
Winter ’14/’15 ($7.00)
Spring ’15 ($7.00)
Summer ’15 ($7.00)
Fall ’15 ($7.00)
Winter ’15/’16 ($7.00)
Spring ’16 ($7.00)
Summer ’16 ($7.00)
Fall ’16 ($7.00)
Winter ’16/’17 ($7.00)
Spring ’17 ($7.00)
Summer ’17 ($7.00)
Fall ’17 ($7.00)
Winter ’17/’18 ($7.00)
Fall ’18 ($7.00)
Winter ’18/’19 ($7.00)
Spring ’19 ($7.00)
Summer ’19 ($7.00)
Fall ’19 ($7.00)
Winter ’19/’20 ($7.00)
Spring ’20 ($7.00)
Summer ’20 ($7.00)
Fall ’20 ($7.00)
Winter ’20/’21 ($7.00)
Spring ’21 ($7.00)
Summer ’21 ($7.00)
Fall ’21 ($7.00)
Winter ’21/’22 ($7.00)
Spring ’22 ($7.00)
Summer ’22 ($7.00)
Fall ’22 ($7.00)
Winter ’22/’23 ($7.00)

John Hartford’s Old Time Fiddling

(“Trying to teach my hands to do what I hear in my head”).
Take a private lesson from John Hartford! John discusses and demonstrates many techniques and bowing styles, and teaches several tunes. Included is a booklet with transcriptions of the tunes and examples. Tunes include “Dusty Miller,” “Sally Johnson,” “Hamilton Iron Works,” “Squirrel Hunters,” “Acrobat’s Hornpipe,” “Flea Market Breakdown”… 114 min. $25.

“It is certainly the finest video to surface from either old time or bluegrass music.”

Bluegrass Music News

Carrying on the Traditions: Appalachian Fiddling Today

DVD re-release of our popular 1995 video, featuring John Hartford, Ralph Blizard, Red Wilson, Brad Leftwich, Kirk Sutphin, Dan Gellert, Bruce Greene, Charlie Acuff. 120 minutes. Available by 7/12. $25.

“…The playing is outstanding… A must-have for anyone interested in the world of fiddling.” – Strings Magazine, 1996

“…A rare oppportunity to compare several master fiddlers and learn tunes and styles from one or all of them.” — Dirty Linen Magazine, 1996


Ralph Blizard (with Phil Jamison): Florida Blues; Fiddler’s Blues; Leather Britches; Blizard Train; Midnight on the Water; Bonaparte’s Retreat.
Bruce Greene (with Danny Johnson): Snowbird; Apple Blossom; Old Beech Leaves; Indian Ate the Woodchuck; McKinley Waltz; Last of Harris.
Brad Leftwich (with Linda Higginbotham): Piney Woods Gal; Indian Ate a Woodchuck; Old Bunch of Keys; Lost Indian; Cold Frosty Morning.
Charlie Acuff (with Bob Fulcher and Bettye Jeane Moore): Two O’clock; Cacklin’ Hen; Bob Taylor’s March; Going to Chattanooga; Turkey Buzzard.
John Hartford (with Mike Compton and Roy Huskey, Jr.): Old Sledge; Bonaparte’s Retreat; Dry and Dusty; Ida Red.
Dan Gellert: Sail Away Ladies; Hell Up Coal Hollow; Hook and Line (Shout Lulu); Old Greasy Coat; Give the Fiddler a Dram.
Red Wilson (with Danny Johnson and Bruce Greene): Grassy Creek; John Brown’s Dream; Roving Gambler; Groundhog; Jonesboro.
Kirk Sutphin (with Riley Baugus): Old Virginia Reel; Cider; Richmond Cotillion; Cluck Old Hen; Roscoe.

Fiddler Magazine’s Old-Timey Jam

A re-release on DVD of our 1995 video, featuring six terrific musicians playing 26 tunes. Includes a booklet with transcriptions of all tunes. 60 minutes. $16. “Great fun for the player to jump in and do it.” — Victory Review, 1996


(one free with subscriptions; if purchased separately, $1 each; 4 for $3; 10 for $6. Please note that our online order page does not ask for a free sticker choice — if you have a preference, please email us at after you place your subscription order. There’s no need to add $1 to the online form for your free sticker (if you do, it will be refunded). 


ROUND STICKER: 3″ round stick — Fiddling possum

RECTANGULAR STICKERS have the Fiddler Magazine logo and a slogan:
— Fiddle: A violin with attitude! (green)
— Have you bowed your fiddle today? (dark blue)

OVAL STICKERS: 3″ X 4″ oval sticker.
— So many tunes, so little time! (red)
— PLAY (white with black)
— Fiddlers don’t fret! (purple)
— Keep on fiddling! (dark blue)
— Have fiddle, will travel. (turquoise)

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